Speaker: Rev. Debra Thorne

Rev Debra Thorne is our minister at First Unitarian Fellowship of Nanaimo.

Getting to Yes!

To get to new knowledge, we enter a space where we have never been before. A space unencumbered by preconceived notions of right and wrong, and free of expectations that bind and limit opportunities. We can get to that space using the creative technique … read more.

Moon Ways

The moon exerts her silvery influence on the earth by drawing down the tides and slowing time. We watch her face dissolving and reforming, a trustworthy cycle to follow time. It is the Lunar calendar that marks feast days and holy days for many … read more.

Encountering Awe in Unlikely Places

Have you ever encountered a world beyond your imaginings where light and sound and shape pull you out of your preconceived ideas, transporting you into a new understanding of your world? Environmental artists can take you to the most unexpected places. They have transformed … read more.

This Sacred World

Many indigenous people live in balance with their environment because they hold sacred all that sustains them. The indigenous religion of Japan, Shintoism, is based on a deep respect for the environment, drawing wisdom and inspiration from the natural world for over 2,000 years.  … read more.

Not Dead Yet!

We knew the sun would return. We knew that the colour of spring would explode into life again. What’s the big deal about resurrection?  Does life triumph over death? Why not the other way round, that death triumphs over life? Is it taboo to say … read more.

Spring Fever

It’s the time to hear the earth’s song rising from cold depths. Time to welcome back from the underground lover of darkness, the goddess Persephone cloaked in fragile green.  It is the time to honour the planting and rising of innocent seeds. Today we … read more.

This Deep-Rooted Faith

This isn’t a social club.  This is a faith reaching back 500 years. A tradition that calls us, through our interdependence, to love and justice.  Once called we ask, ‘How do we open our hearts and our community to all who need a place … read more.

Broken Hearts Dance Club

The gods of love and heart break are inviting you to an intoxicating revelry. They promise there will be dancing and laughter, and perhaps some tears of release.  They will touch on the many forms of love that we have available to us; the affectionate, … read more.

We Have Come To Be Danced

Energy flows through matter, animating the lump of clay we call our home. Our tender strong bodies are moved by breath to stretch and bounce and tap and swirl.  We are ignited by taste and smell and touch into realms of pleasure. Our creative … read more.