Speaker: Rev Debra Thorne

Songs that Changed our World

With Josh Holloway, Patrick Courtin and the Fabulous Fufonics

Human creativity has married melody to word and sometimes the result has changed our world.  From the very personal middle of the night song that spoke directly to our broken heart, to the anthem that united … read more.

Confessions of a Non-Singer

This month our theme is ‘Singing and the Art of Communion’. There is no denying that music stirs the heart and elevates the spirit.  Singing though, requires active participation. Which is why singing is communal. Yet, nothing feels less communal than being a non-singer … read more.

Welcome to our Table

The art of hospitality and food are folded together with respect and open-heartedness. These are qualities that we share when we welcome guests into our homes and when we welcome friends into membership.

Let our table be filled with dishes of resilience, flavoured with hope. Let us … read more.

The Next Chapter

Every time a writer turns the page to begin the next chapter, they must face the emptiness of a pure white piece of paper or the empty screen. In that moment there is nothing. There is only the writer, breathing. Many of us, when faced with … read more.

Writing Our Own Story

Guest Singer: Simon Paterson

The ultimate power we each hold is in the choices we make to shape our lives. You could describe it as the creative power to write your own story. What you put in that story and the meaning you take from it, … read more.

Answering the Call of Love

Special Guest: Buwa

Everyone deserves to be respected. Everyone deserves to belong. Everyone’s contributions to society deserve to be known. Black Canadians have been part of the fabric of this country for hundreds of years yet their contributions remain barely known. As Black History Month … read more.

Layers of Forgiveness

Forgiveness is not a ‘one time and it’s done’ deal. It’s a process. Just as a quilt is stitched together layer upon layer, understanding forgiveness requires deconstruction of the layers we create in our relationships. It takes intention and care and time to carefully … read more.

Diversity in Indigenous Music

From rock to opera, Indigenous musicians are much more than Pow Wow Music. In this service, we’ll learn about two diverse Indigenous musicians.

Buffy Saint Marie, a Cree from the Qu’Appelle Valley in Saskatchewan, has spent 60 years singing and writing on subjects of … read more.

The Rest Between Notes

As we begin another planetary circle around the sun, there is something we need to add to our list of new year resolutions. Our lives have become so very busy and stressed. It seems as if time is speeding up, and the more we do … read more.