Speaker: Rev Debra Thorne

Days of Miracle and Wonder

The pressures and anxieties of living in this modern world can, at times, be nightmarish.
It is too easy to slip into a bleak and hopeless outlook for humanity. But, there is another point of view, as there are wondrous acts of bravery and … read more.

Agents of Change in Liminal Time

The tsunami of change we are experiencing, from the global pandemic, the climate emergency, a racial justice reckoning, societal polarization and a host of factors that are causing institutions, like churches, to deconstruct and reorient, grabbing onto what is familiar and safe is not going … read more.

To Hell in a Hand Basket!

Not only are the clocks changing this weekend, we are too. Sometimes slowly, sometimes quickly change happens. The climate crisis has been slowly building for decades and now it seems to be suddenly upon us, maybe too late to reverse. .

Our bodies … read more.

Living the Principles Requires Courage

The Unitarian Universalist Second Principle is to affirm justice, equity and compassion in human relations. This principle has inspired social justice activists for decades to put their energy toward making this society more equitable and compassionate for all.  Each person who acts on this principle … read more.

The Courage to Let Go 

Life itself asks us to let go. In the autumn, we need only look out our windows and see that the trees are showing us the necessity of letting go, as they release their leaves to the wind. In our lives, there will be times … read more.

Songs that Changed our World

With Josh Holloway, Patrick Courtin and the Fabulous Fufonics

Human creativity has married melody to word and sometimes the result has changed our world.  From the very personal middle of the night song that spoke directly to our broken heart, to the anthem that united … read more.

Confessions of a Non-Singer

This month our theme is ‘Singing and the Art of Communion’. There is no denying that music stirs the heart and elevates the spirit.  Singing though, requires active participation. Which is why singing is communal. Yet, nothing feels less communal than being a non-singer … read more.