Holding the Light

There are many festivals of light at this time of year. Is there a common thread or threads? Can these offer us hope and/or solace during these both challenging and festive times?  

This service includes our new member recognition ceremony.

Rev Debra Faulk, a lifelong Unitarian Universalist, retired … read more.

Are You Satisfiable?

When Adrienne Maree Brown shared this question from her therapist, “Are you satisfiable?” it hit her like a ton of bricks, as she had to acknowledge, in that moment, she was living with no idea of the point at which she might be satisfied. It … read more.

Love and Justice

In May 2016 at the Canadian Unitarian Council’s Annual General Meeting, a motion was passed to instate the following vision statement: “As Canadian Unitarian Universalists, we envision a world in which our interdependence calls us to love and justice.” 7 years later, what does this … read more.