j*UU*st love

Principles of equality and justice compel Unitarian Universalists to advocate for marriage equality and other civil rights centering LBGTQ2S+ people. But who exactly has the “right” to love, date, get married or “shack up”, and to access intimacy and sexual pleasure?  Just ahead of Valentine’s … read more.

The Lure of Love

During the Crusades when the Muslim population moved across Europe, there was a cultural intermingling with the Christian population. The Muslims travelled with troubadours who sang of love. Hearing these exquisite songs, western troubadours were inspired by the images and language of love in the … read more.

What’s Left Unsaid

They say that a minister only has one sermon in them, and that they keep repeating it over and over in the hope that some one will hear it.  What is the one sermon that Rev Debra has been trying to get us to hear? … read more.