Class and Money

What is it like to live “below” middle class? What is it like to be at a church with a middle class culture for those “below” middle class? Socioeconomic class identity is about both culture and finances and is a topic we rarely talk … read more.

The Divine Drama in Winter Solstice

In the dark of winter, deep in our collective psyches, hides the divine dance between our masculine and feminine self. It is the drama of the winter solstice that enacts the awakening of the divine feminine. Beckoned, kissed and honoured, the divine feminine emerges … read more.

Song of Believing: A Service of Music and the Spoken Word

For over a decade, our congregation has marked the end of the holiday season with a ‘Mirth and Music Service’ that departs from our standard Sunday format, and offers listeners an hour to ‘decompress from holiday stress.’ Our theme is drawn from the words of … read more.