Our Fellowship is a registered charitable institution. In 2005 we also became a registered Society with the name: First Unitarian Fellowship of Nanaimo.

We are governed by a seven person Board of Directors, consisting five member-at-large, a secretary and chair. The minister is an ex-officio member. Board members are elected to a 2-year term and meetings follow a shared leadership model. The fellowship year runs from July 1 to June 30 with Board elections held each September.

First Unitarian Fellowship of Nanaimo, along with dozens of other Canadian congregations, is a member of the Canadian Unitarian Council (CUC). The CUC provides a voice for our vibrant, liberal faith community, within the interfaith community in Canada, and within the international UU community. The CUC is accountable to its members.

Our 2021-22 Board of Directors

Our 2021-22 Board of Directors (from left) Brenda Stewart (Chair), Linda Reid, Debbie Goodman, Wiley Fargen, Rev Debra Thorne (Ex-officio), Don Gayton (Treasurer), Bill Woolverton (Secretary) and Ron Wilson.

At a very successful Board Retreat on September 25, 2021 the new board began planning its work for the year ahead. The new board is committed to continuing shared leadership, rotating chairing of meetings and liaising with the many committees of the Fellowship.

Board Goals

1. Intentionally return to in-person community life acknowledging and addressing
the need for recovery from the many deep and lingering impacts of Covid-19. This will be clearer after direction on the 8th Principle discussions.
Rev Debra and Brenda will champion this endeavour

2. Manage the evolving relationship between the Fellowship, the Foundation and the Nanaimo Unitarian Shelter and all roles, responsibilities, processes and policies for the first four months of this term as we work through the current changes at the Shelter. Ron and Bill will champion this goal.

3. Redesign and implement an annual planning process and planning calendar to coordinate all annual planning by the Board, Committees, Task Forces and Staffed or Contracted Services during the next four months.
Debbie and Wiley will champion this process.

Fellowship Documents

Access to Fellowship bylaws and policies, committee mandates and other documents can be found on our Documents Page.

Board Page (Password protected)