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Good News for a Change!

(Inspired by David Suzuki and the Greening Tree Project of the Environmental Justice Committee.)

You are invited to bring your good news of environmental actions, big and small, and be inspired by others.  Come and share any actions or initiatives out there, that bring you … read more.

Rev. Debra's Weekly Message

  • What a wonderful horrible strange year it has been! I’m sure you can think of frightening world events and despairing local ones. As well as times of stunning beauty and heart-breaking kindnesses. I suspect humans have always had to navigate through both suffering and transcendental joy. I think that where the two intersect is a profound mystery.  Some might say it is where the holy lives. Others might call it a place of transformation.  Or the portal into wisdom.   It doesn’t really matter what you label it, because if you have experienced it, then you know it. And that is all.
    I wish you all a sublime summer; many moments of simple joy, experienced fully. ~ Rev Debra Thorne  

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