Tower 25

PJ Patten will talk about his own story and art from his graphic memoir Tower 25, which reveals his own challenges of trauma, isolation and becoming sober, allowing him to process his own past in hopes of inspiring greater empathy from the general community … read more.

Non Fiction in Truth Telling

In researching and writing her children’s book, Shelter: Homelessness in our Community, Lois Peterson straddled the fence between presenting verifiable facts and recognizing that there are varying opinions about the causes of and solutions to homelessness. Lois will share how she struggled to keep her … read more.

Truth and Reconciliation

Reconciliation is a beautiful word and a beautiful process, filled with dignity, wisdom and honourable human work. The deep kind of work that all our relationships deserve if we are to honour ourselves and the people we respect. There is much to learn about … read more.