Spirited Jazz

Spirited Jazz Nanaimo is a wonderful worshipful musical experience with

Patrick Courtin, hammond organ, 

Teighan Couch, vocals,

Brad Shipley, guitar and

Adam Robertson, drums

Please join us for an hour of uplifting and soul nourishing music.
This is an in-person event only and admission by donation. 

Gratitude Generosity, The Yin and Yang Of It

Ever striving for balance in our lives, this reflection on the fullness of a theology of gratitude and generosity offers a few possibilities. 

Rev Debra Faulk, a lifelong Unitarian Universalist, retired in 2021 as Minister Emerita after 11 years with Calgary Unitarians. She received a BA … read more.

The Dance of Shiva

Shiva: ultimate reality; Creator, Sustainer, Destroyer. Standing on a baby: symbol of ignorance. Could all the violence, fear and chaos around us be a necessary part of the cycle of life? Maybe the structures and systems of corruption must be broken to make room for … read more.