Every Sunday, the children start off the morning with their family in the sanctuary together. They listen to music and sing a song or two with everyone else. One child each Sunday is invited to light the Children’s Chalice along with an adult. After the Story for All Ages, the children are sung out and they go to their own room with their teacher. Near the end of the service they rejoin the congregation and sing our ending song “Carry the Flame”.

Our Religious Educator

Sibyl Birrell comes to our Fellowship with an impressive list of credentials, including an MEd in religious education, and an extensive background in education as both teacher and school administrator.

Originally from Calgary, she has recently returned to Canada after living in the UK for close to 20 years.

Sibyl is passionate about religious education and social justice, and says she was attracted to working with us because of our Unitarian values of inclusion and community.

Sibyl started teaching CRE classes in mid-November 2019 and has enjoyed getting to know our intelligent, creative FUFON kids. 

Sibyl can be reached at cre@ufon.ca

Messy Church

Messy UU Church, our extremely popular children’s program, is fun few hours of crafts and activities on a selected theme. Usually a meal is shared. Members, friends and visiting children take part as well as a few brave adults.

Messy Church happens once per month September to May (usually the third Friday 5 – 7:30 pm) except December. Check the Events on the our FUFON home page for an invitation to the next Messy Church and all the fun things that will be done.