Speaker: Rev. Christopher Wulff

Do Not Answer Them

In The Left Hand of Darkness, the writer Ursula K Legion wrote, “To learn which questions are unanswerable, and not to answer them: this skill is most needful in times of stress and darkness.

So many religious and spiritual communities are struggling in these days, and … read more.

Love is Our Doctrine

Love is our doctrine,” were the first words of the covenant I grew up with as a Unitarian Universalist. Repeated week by week, I’ve probably said some version of the Griswold Williams covenant a couple of thousand times in my life. But what does it … read more.

Out of the Flames

In the Roman pantheon, Janus was the god of both beginnings and endings, holding a key in the right hand to lock up that which is behind us, and a key in the left hand to unlock the dawning future. As the new year begins, … read more.

Are You Satisfiable?

When Adrienne Maree Brown shared this question from her therapist, “Are you satisfiable?” it hit her like a ton of bricks, as she had to acknowledge, in that moment, she was living with no idea of the point at which she might be satisfied. It … read more.

A Wide, Wild Welcome

Edwin Markham, sometimes called the poet laureate of Universalism, wrote about inclusion and exclusion in his short epigrammatic poem Outwitted. “He drew a circle that shut me out – Heretic, rebel, a thing to flout. But Love and I had the wit to win: We drew … read more.

An Awesome World

We take that old adage that beauty is in the eye of the beholder to be about the relativity of beauty, how we each name different things beautiful, which is, of course, true. But it also reminds us that if we wish to see beauty … read more.

Great(?) Expectations

In so many instances of life, our experience of a moment is conditioned by our expectations for that moment. If we had low expectations, we might be delighted when they’re exceeded, or deeply disappointed when the opposite occurs – even if what actually happened was … read more.

The Mother of Invention

When Unitarian Julia Ward Howe created Mothers Day (notice the lack of possessive apostrophe), she was living into that old adage of necessity and need, trying to bring more peace into the world in a time when conflict and violence raged. This Sunday, we’ll explore … read more.