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Days of Miracle and Wonder

The pressures and anxieties of living in this modern world can, at times, be nightmarish.
It is too easy to slip into a bleak and hopeless outlook for humanity. But, there is another point of view, as there are wondrous acts of bravery and … read more.

Agents of Change in Liminal Time

The tsunami of change we are experiencing, from the global pandemic, the climate emergency, a racial justice reckoning, societal polarization and a host of factors that are causing institutions, like churches, to deconstruct and reorient, grabbing onto what is familiar and safe is not going … read more.

Gratitude and Climate Action

Karl Perrin has been a climate activist for decades and is a member of the Unitarian Church of Vancouver. Over the years, Karl has struggled, like many of us do, to come to grips with the magnitude of the climate crisis.

However, he has found … read more.

To Hell in a Hand Basket!

Not only are the clocks changing this weekend, we are too. Sometimes slowly, sometimes quickly change happens. The climate crisis has been slowly building for decades and now it seems to be suddenly upon us, maybe too late to reverse. .

Our bodies … read more.

Community Climate Connectors

The climate crisis is creating justified anxiety and grief worldwide. Many of us want to be part of working towards a solution, but it’s easy to feel helpless in the face of such a large problem. We know that action is the remedy for anxiety, … read more.