Crime and No Punishment – Upholding Our Values in the Age of Impunity

*Special Note: As the Nanaimo Pride Parade and Festival takes place June 9, the Sunday Service will begin at 9:30am this Sunday only.  

Our second Unitarian Universalist principle calls us to uphold justice, equity and compassion in human relations. How can we sustain these values in a world where billionaires evade taxes, oil companies misrepresent the severity of the climate crisis, elected politicians subvert the judiciary, human rights are rolled back, and hospitals have become intentional military targets?

‘Impunity’ is a helpful lens through which to understand these patterns and how we can best respond. The recently released ‘Atlas of Impunity’ describes it this way: Impunity is the exercise of power without accountability, which becomes, in its starkest form, the commission of crimes without punishment. In a phrase, impunity is the idea that “the law is for suckers.”

Former British Foreign Secretary David Miliband observes, “Because impunity is the result of an imbalance of power, the forces of accountability must develop countervailing power.” This morning, we examine the moral and spiritual role Unitarians can play in restoring the balances of power and accountability.

Debbie is a wildlife artist, story-teller, and occasional service speaker at our Fellowship. She and her husband Bob have been members since their 2009 arrival on Vancouver Island. They enjoy being members of this joy-full community, and camping in the Enchanted Rainforest.

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