Our members and friends have a deep interest in environmental action. We are particularly concerned about impacts of climate change on the world our children will inherit. Some folks have participated in marches for climate action and others have taken bold steps to reduce their personal carbon footprint.

In the fall of 2020 an Environmental Justice Task Force (EJTF) was formed and quickly created a EJTF mandate with a mission is “to create action items for environmental justice based on our seventh principle, and further, to diminish the damage done by greenhouse gas emissions by creating and implementing a fixed-time action plan for the Fellowship, members, and friends.”

Three major areas of work have been identified – an Energy Audit, Advocacy and Personal Climate Action Plans.

Energy Audit

This includes an independent audit of the various energy uses of our building with the view to implementing actions that will improve its energy efficiency and especially reduce our carbon footprint. An energy audit is a first step towards achieving Green Sanctuary certification.


We are currently involved with the Nanaimo Climate Action Hub, through which we are sharing information, perspectives and priorities with like-minded stakeholders in the community. We are developing useful working relationships and plan to focus our advocacy efforts in concert with these stakeholders.

Personal Climate Action Plans (PCAP)

Through monthly challenges, members and friends will be encouraged to take action to increase their use of green transportation, reduce household waste,  plastics use and water consumption, as well as adopt diets that will directly reduce our individual carbon footprint. Practical tips in each of these areas will be posted as they are developed.

Alternative Transport Options for Reducing our Carbon Footprint

For more information

Please check back to learn how we are progressing in these areas. You may also contact Brian Short, chair of the Environmental Justice Task Force, at bkshort@shaw.ca to learn more about the activities of this important committee.