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Unitarian Shelter is Open, Nov. 1st to March 31st

The Unitarian Shelter for the homeless is now open through March 31, 2018

For the past nine years, men and women have found overnight respite from the streets, a hot meal, clean clothes and a non-judgemental welcome at the
Nanaimo Unitarian Shelter at 595 Townsite Road, Nanaimo, … read more.

Unitarian Shelter

May 30, 2020

Our shelter hours, programs and services are listed on 

…. helping service providers and individuals
find the services they need in their community.
Check out their website or download the app at

May 30, 2020

The Shower Program at Caledonia Park
has been … read more.

Unitarian Shelter in the News

As the snow is falling outside again today on January 10th in Nanaimo, lit is comforting to know that 25 of Nanaimo’s homeless people will have a warm bed and a meal for the night at the Unitarian Shelter.  It is also comforting to … read more.

Unitarian Shelter News

Our very own Marla Thorburn, newly appointed Unitarian Shelter Interim Executive Director, and Shelter Coordinator Kevan Griffith recently appeared before the Nanaimo City Council to apply for urgently needed funding for the continued operation of our shelter in the coming winter.  Please watch the city council … read more.