Songs of Resistance

Throughout history, when oppressive regimes and systems have tried to dominate a country, a society or a minority, brave voices inevitably emerge to speak truth to power. Their words and songs are the rallying cry to their oppressed brothers and sisters and for better days ahead.  What are the oppressions of today’s Canada and who are the creative, prophetic voices of the resistance telling us what we need to hear?  Debra & Tony will explore this question with examples of those who speak and sing for a just future for Canada. 

Tony Turner’s life-affirming, articulate folk-pop melodies are beautifully delivered with his rich baritone voice. From Circle of Song, his much-loved anthem of unity recently published in Rise Again, to his award-winning sing-along Harperman, Turner has proven he can channel the mood of the times and the ties that bind. Tony is an active member of the Nanaimo Unitarians.

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