The Truth We Resist

With all the divisions that we experience and antagonisms that current events display, we can be tempted to believe that we are either on our own or with the tiny group with which we share views. The reality is that all of us are inextricably connected.  We do not need a global pandemic or other disruptive events to be reminded of that critical fact. How can the “Ubuntu Philosophy, I am because you are” be of help as we navigate a divided world? In this service, I will share my belief that our hope is in that delicate balance between “I – we” and the “other- stranger”.

Rev Fulgence is the founder of the Burundian Unitarian Universalist Church (2002) and served as Vice President of the International Council of Unitarians and Universalists.  In 2012 he began The Flaming Chalice a Canadian charity that invests in the future of refugees through education, small business and connecting with supportive community. Recently Rev Fulgence founded Communaute Sans Frontiers, Unitarienne Universaliste, an online francophone community supporting Francophone UU’s around the world.