Wow! and Oops! – The 8th Principle and the Way Forward

Rev. Debra, and delegates Sharon Reeves and Wiley Fargen, share their perceptions of this year’s CUC AGM surrounding the receipt of the Dismantling Racism Task Force report and the subsequent motion from the floor to ratify a new Dismantling Racism 8th Principle.

To consider the motion, it was necessary to suspend the meeting rules.  

Both the motions to suspend the meeting rules and to ratify the Principle itself were passed by large majorities.  After the AGM, it was discovered that the CUC Bylaws supersede the meeting rules, and therefore the motions were void.  The CUC has proposed a process for us to rise above this misstep and resolve these issues, beginning in June and wrapping up prior to a new vote on November 27th.  This process includes work we must do in our own congregation.

Rev. Debra, Sharon and Wiley share their different perspectives of the meeting itself, where we are now, and what our obligations are in order to set things right.