Music as Medicine

When you have a headache, you take Tylenol. When you have a stomach bug, perhaps you reach for the Pepto Bismol. A cut – best grab a Band-Aid, or a tensor bandage for your sprained ankle. But what of the pain of loneliness? Hopelessness? Uncertainty and Boredom? The Pandemic that we are still weathering, has exacted a high price; taking lives, livelihoods and more. For myself, it ended a decade long career as a professional Music Director. I went from flying around Canada, to being locked in my living room, with my dog, staring at the wall. Nonetheless, all difficult moments bring with them gifts, and this crisis had a peculiar offering.

I was reminded that music is medicine. That whether you are stricken with grief or joy, with friends or alone, old or young, music is a resource that any of us can reach out and benefit from at any given time- in any place. I look forward to sharing stories, wonderings and ponderings, and some live music with you this coming Sunday. I have invited one of my all-time favourite musicians and oldest friends, Patrick Courtin, to join us for this dose of “medicine”. Contrary to Mary Poppins’ instructions – you will not need a spoonful of sugar.

Nico Rhodes has been a professional musician from the age of 16, he began playing in pit orchestras for musical theatre and was quickly promoted to musical director. Now, at age 32, he’s conducted and arranged more than 40 professional shows across Canada from the Arts Club to Drayton Theatres.  He’s created 5 original musicals and adaptations with multiple Ovation and Jessie award nominations and in 2018, was honoured with the Emerging Cultural Leader Award by the City of Nanaimo.

He performs with several jazz trios and the duos ROOTS & GROOVES with Rick Scott and Full with renowned chanteuse Joëlle Rabu. Solo, he presents The Art of Ragtime’, a one-man historical-musical journey through Ragtime from classical to contemporary.

Nico’s hundreds of compositions and arrangements include choral and chamber works, symphonic pop concerts, jazz originals and a portfolio of 120+ commissioned cinematic works.  He spends several hours each week as a recreational musician bringing joy to elders in his hometown of Nanaimo.

Patrick Courtin is FUFON’s musical director. Based on Vancouver Island, Patrick is a classically trained professional musician with a Bachelor’s degree in jazz studies.

He is a sought-after pianist, multi-instrumentalist, international touring musician, composer, arranger, and music teacher. 

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