Discernment in Music

Continuing on the theme of discernment in the various arts, Sue Averill will be presenting a talk on how discernment is reflected in the folk music that she has been doing for many years. Folk music has eluded definition, but it does arise from the human psyche, and from the daily lives of people. It is an authentic mirror for the culture, and contains the truths that are revealed through the oral process of transmission and performance. Of course, Sue will be performing some of the folk songs that demonstrate the points she will be making, and encourages singing along with the songs familiar to the audience.

Sue has been involved with folk music performing, studying and learning since 1964, when she picked up her first guitar. As a child, she also sang a lot of the old folk songs. She has been involved over the years with a whole body of remarkable other folk musicians, and learned from them. “I’m humbled to have been involved with these amazing people who continue to love and perform this music even now”, she says, “and I see my job is to pass the music on to others, particularly young people, who would otherwise never hear or know the context of these songs”. Sue is a former Nanaimo music teacher, plays guitar and mountain dulcimer, and considers her music a deeply spiritual exercise.

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