A Person Becomes an I 

“I become ‘I’ through my relation to the Thou. All real living is meeting. Through the Thou a person becomes I.” I and Thou, Jewish theologian and philosopher Martin Buber’s conception of relationship, is foundational to our UU faith and my own theology, a celebration of reciprocity and interdependence. This month, as we explore interdependence, let us look to Buber’s work opening us up to consideration and contemplation of those places in our lives where I and It, might better become I and Thou, to an acknowledgment and deepening that we cannot be, without one another. 

Rev. Christopher Wulff is a fifth-generation Canadian Unitarian, who most recently served as Minister of the Westside UU Congregation in West Seattle. In his varied life he’s worked as a park ranger, a graphic designer and programmer, a counsellor for refugees and an advocate for people living in poverty, a professor of journalistic ethics, and a cook at a Unitarian Universalist retreat centre. His lovely wife Ariel also grew up UU, and worked for the CUC for many years, and they have two young kiddos who are more interested in the snack table after church than in the service, but who are quickly picking up the hymns sung around the dinner table. Christopher is currently experimenting with various treatments to resolve a period of major depression and organizing with folks to launch a new network of UU communities in Vancouver modelled after house churches and revivals.

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