Applause for Website Magicians

At First Unitarian Fellowship of Nanaimo we can’t meet in our well loved building, so we occupy virtual spaces through the magic of dedicated and gifted people in our midst.

Our Website has been in Tony Turner’s care and now, while we were attending virtual services, meetings and events, he undertook to bring us a new more interactive space to visit.

When expert technical help was needed to develop the new Website for our Fellowship, Don Gayton stepped up. A new website format needed to be put in place and Don was the tech wizard that could make it happen.

During the transition Don put in close to a hundred hours behind the scenes, doing research and spearheading the technical set up and quietly working on bringing it to life

Tony, after researching alternative website formats and resources put in many more hours shifting over old content, liaising with contributors and editors and updating the new content. He has added pictures, previously lacking, and our Website has come alive.

Don and Tony, we greatly appreciate your expertise, and the gift of your time and energy.

On behalf of all at FUFON, Thank You!