Meet Nico Rhodes – Our Interim Music Director

A classically trained pianist and jazz saxophonist, Nico can be heard playing everything from country to Coltrane, and everywhere from Chemainus to Stratford. A professional studio musician, composer, arranger and music director; Nico has had the privilege of performing across Canada. the western United States, Central America and Eastern Africa in a myriad of musical settings including funk bands, jazz trios, cabaret acts, chamber ensembles, and as a soloist.

Recently working with the Vancouver Island Symphony, Nico arranged and composed for the hit show “My Symphony” by Rick Scott, and the critically acclaimed “Tonight, Piaf!” by Joelle Rabu. Nico’s current musical adventure has him teamed up with Juno nominated folk musician Rick Scott, music directing nearly 200 performances at Chemainus theatre, and in the employ of the wonderful people at FUFON!