Supporting the Humpback Whales

 Jackie Hildering, of MERS (Marine Education & Research Society) gave an absolutely magnificent presentation in April titled Humpback Comeback. She has volunteered to return to speak on another subject of whales.  Below is their post on the MERS FB-page.

Unitarian Shelter in the News

As the snow is falling outside again today on January 10th in Nanaimo, lit is comforting to know that 25 of Nanaimo’s homeless people will have a warm bed and a meal for the night at the Unitarian Shelter.  It is also comforting to know that this service is appreciated by the Nanaimo community as a couple of recent articles in the Nanaimo News Bulletin testify.

Unitarian Shelter News

Our very own Marla Thorburn, newly appointed Unitarian Shelter Interim Executive Director, and Shelter Coordinator Kevan Griffith recently appeared before the Nanaimo City Council to apply for urgently needed funding for the continued operation of our shelter in the coming winter.  Please watch the city council proceedings (start at count 2:20)

Theme Based Ministry

Welcome to Theme Based ministry!  

We are happy to continue this popular feature in our fellowship life!

Theme based ministry is a way of deepening our experience together in our services, small group reflection circles, readings, resources, and spiritual practices. 

This year our thematic ministry moves on from examining the inner aspects of how we live our lives, into how we, as a people, can begin to effect change in the world. Our theme shifts into the theme of “what does it mean to be a people of …

September:    Anticipation

October:         Faith

November:     Inquiry

December:     Vulnerability

January:         Possibility

February:       Passion

March:           Prophecy

April:              Yearning

May:               Imagination

June:              Inspiration

Our Mission Statement

We are happy to share our new mission statement created in June 2015:

“At the First Unitarian Fellowship of Nanaimo we create spiritual connection and bring compassion, discovery, and social justice to life.”