Wisdom from the World Religions: How Good News Helped Humanity Advance Despite the Bad News 

Most of our world religions offer something called ‘Good Tidings’, moral-spiritual principles of universal relevance, addressing our all-too-frequent collapses in social justice and cultural refinement.  A serious look at world history reveals the rise, fall and renewal of religiously-inspired civilizations.  What can we learn from this grand pattern? And what hope does it provide for us today? 

Harold Rosen is a lifelong student and teacher of world religions with master’s degrees in religion, education and philosophy.  A Unitarian minister for 25 years and a Baha’i since the year 2000, he serves as a Community Interfaith Educator on Vancouver Island.  With his wife Wendy, he is active in Baha’i community work, cycles of teaching, and interfaith outreach. Since 2000, Harold has designed and taught over 200 community courses in quite varied settings on subjects such as world religions, civilizations, cultures, comparative philosophies, evolution, science and spirituality, lifespan development and aging, women mystics, prophecies, and the afterlife. He is the author of “Founders of Faith” and “Eye to the Ages”, and is now working on “Mirror of God”.

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