Rising from the Ashes

“On a very dark night, with a group of seven young guys, I started my journey to find my stolen freedom. In narrow rugged trails across the mountains, we walked for hours trying to pass the Syrian borders to get to Turkey. Everything seemed to be under control until we were attacked by the “Jandirma”, the Turkish border guards. As they started shooting at us and released their vicious dogs after us, I found myself alone in the forest. Where did the group disappear? What should I do?”

Ammar was a Syrian refugee (now a Canadian citizen) who was sponsored by the FUFON community to start a new safe life in Nanaimo, BC. He is willing to share some stories of his journey with us.

If you are interested in knowing what it feels like to lose everything, how a near death experience can change your perspectives in life, or even learning how Canadians have changed his life through the Canadian Private Sponsorship Program, join us in our service.