September 1, 2020

Before breaking for the summer at the Fellowship a Covid Advisory Task Force was formed to keep an eye on developments during the summer with a view to what we might be able to do in the way of re-opening our hall in the fall.

The Task Force has met and discussed presentations from several sources and has presented its recommendations to the FUFON Board.

After careful consideration of what we can safely implement to serve our Members and Friends the Board passed the following motions:

1. That a telephone survey be undertaken to gather information and strengthen connection with the membership.

We will attempt to do this in the next two weeks – the calls to be made in week one and the data collated in week two.

2. That the Sunday Services Committee continue to offer online Sunday services until November 29th while hybrid options are explored.

A “Hybrid” service would be a combination of some members participating in the sanctuary as the online service is being held.

The COVID Advisory Task Force will start this process, which will include defining our needs and what we can do to meet them. It may be necessary to strike a new group to include those with technical ability to look at the hybrid model.

Due to the limited number of people allowed in the hall at present, a method of determining how congregants attending in person are selected, will also have to be developed.

3. That our choir, the Fabulous Fufonics, proceed to explore options for rehearsing in the building.

4. That small FUFON groups of 10 people, or less, be able to use the FUFON premises providing they follow the cleaning and building use protocols.

The building use protocol requires everyone who wants to access the building to contact Lise, our Administrator, ahead of time, with name(s) and time of use. You can no longer just ‘drop in’ at the building.

5. That at the present time FUFON will not be opening for rentals to the general public. This decision will be revisited by November 29, 2020.