Appreciation for our Office Administrator

For our principles to be more than just words, we need to put them into practice. How we manage and compensate our staff is a reflection of our values, so, as a Unitarian Universalist organization, it is incumbent upon us to strive to be an ethical employer.

With that in mind, one of the first tasks undertaken by the newly formed Human Resources Committee was to do a complete review of the Office Administrator’s job description and salary. The job description was updated to reflect expanded responsibilities taken on over the years, in particular in this past year since the retirement of our Financial Officer, John Soer.

Lise receives flowers from Ruth on behalf of the Board to show appreciation for all that she does for our Fellowship.              Photo by Zale Dalen

The HR Committee then looked at the rate of pay of similar positions elsewhere, factored in Lise’s 7 years of experience as our Office Administer, and the central role she plays in so many facets of our organization, and recommended a substantial raise (at the top end of the salary range for similar positions) retroactive to October 1, 2020 (when John retired). The Board approved the retroactive raise.

We are so fortunate to have someone with Lise’s dedication and heart at the hub of our organization.  Her devotion to this Fellowship, and her concern for the welfare and well-being of all who are impacted by her work, are felt by everyone with whom she interacts.

It is fitting that her compensation now more closely reflects her value to our Fellowship.