What does Membership Mean?

Membership may have different meanings for different people. For some, it may be a way of outwardly acknowledging an inward commitment to our faith. For others, it may reflect the desire to join this particular Fellowship and assume some sense of responsibility to it.

Some Unitarians are ever searching for their religious beliefs.  In fact because there is no set creed, Unitarianism appeals to many people who see their religious life as a journey, or searching process. Membership in our Fellowship does not require any sort of test or declaration of belief.  Unitarians describe Unitarianism as a spiritual community of seekers rather than a traditional religion.

What are the Benefits of Membership?

Belonging to a welcoming, caring and growing spiritual community

Voting privileges

FUFON newsletter (monthly Sept through July)

Canadian Unitarian (semi annual via email and print)

Canadian Unitarian “eNews”  monthly national newsletter

E-mail announcements of current fellowship interests (weekly)

Services of our two lay chaplains (weddings, child dedications, memorial services)

Opportunities to join with others in worthwhile projects in the larger community

What are the Responsibilities of Membership?

Membership is a commitment to support the values and principles of liberal religion and to support and encourage one’s own and others’ efforts to grow spiritually, as well as support the congregation.

Opportunities for Involvement

Join the FUFON Choir “The Fufonics”

Pot Luck Socials

Daytimers Discussion Group

Sacred Circle Dancing

Fundraising Events

Helping in the Kitchen

Men’s Group

Tidy up days

Tending our gardens

Sunday Services

Join one of our many and varied Committees